Fire Engines: A Timeline
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When were fire trucks invented?

A fire truck is one of the most important vehicles on the streets. It responds to multiple emergencies, such as car crashes, flooding, earthquakes, ch...

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The process of putting out a fire

Big or small, in rural or urban areas, hundreds of thousands of fires break out every year. Only a very few of them result in fatalities and destructi...

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What is a wildland engine?

There are numerous types of fire vehicles. Fire truck manufacturers have developed over the last fifty years specialized vehicles to respond to a cert...

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The earliest fire trucks

The earliest fire trucksFires have been threatening our societies since ancient types and maybe longer before. People tried to find solutions sinc...

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Smart fire engines to the rescue

As you probably know, a firefighter does not only respond to fire emergencies but to other situations as well. He is trained to respond to different s...

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Water or firefighting foam?

Fires have increased in number since the society developed and settled big and crowded cities. Yearly, people all around the world are threatened by h...

Fire Engines: A Timeline
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The capacity of a water tank

There are many types of fire apparatuses, which have been developed over the last fifty years. Since humanity faces many fire threats and these are ve...

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Innovative solutions for fire trucks

Firefighting vehicles are safer than ever before, as improvements and changes in technology and design play a big part in the strategy of any fire tru...

Fire Truck

The company was established in 1974 by Isa Tecim in Izmir. The main purpose of the company is the production of fire trucks. Volkan Fire is known as the pioneer of the firsts in the sector with its innovations. The company operates in Torbalı with a total area of 135000 m² with a covered area of 25000 m² with more than 300 employees.

We are motivated by the spiritual value of life saving by taking the road with a slogan is that "We know your feelings when you are in danger!" Volkan undersigned many innovations away from financial concerns. It is our duty to provide the most secure and the latest technological equipment to firefighters when they fighting fire that is a common enemy of all of us.

Volkan Fire Truck Company, which follows the innovations in its sector on a daily basis, has a very sensitive and meticulous understanding of customer satisfaction. Our company prioritizes customer focus and satisfaction in every process from product design to after sales service.

Volkan Fire has made a name for itself with its innovative and forward looking targets in local and foreign markets regarding fire pumps and fire trucks. In 1978, Volkan Fire produced his own fire pump for the first time. It has carried out the first 18 meter hydraulic ladder vehicle production in Turkey. After that Volkan Fire manufactured the first aircraft firefighting vehicle in Turkey. Without slowing down in innovation, in 1992, it produced the first modern fire truck in its country.

In 2000, the company attended Interschutz which is the world's leading firefighting and fire safety fair. In this fair, the company took its first order from abroad and opened to overseas market.

With its CAD-CAM supported production techniques, Volkan Fire is known for its innovative and pioneering role in its sector. In addition to its modern model and molding, Volkan works with the latest technology aluminum and bronze foundries and focuses on customer efficiency. Volkan has a strong structure in production with modern hard anodizing unit, complete computer system pump test unit in accordance with EN1028-2 norms, complicated carcass installation and welding apparatus.

We aspire to protect the right to life of all living things in the world, and provide practical and safe solutions in the fight against fire. With almost half a century of our industry experience and our experienced team, we offer all firefighters in the world all the equipment that they need to cope with the fire the most reliable techniques.

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