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Light metal body

Electric drive Volkan Monitors are used all over the world in every kind of vehicle: aircraft firefighters, industrial or municipality vehicles. Volkan monitors are designed for maximum range of throw and for the best foam qualifications; they can be used as bumper or roof turrets too.

All of the turrets are appropriate for heavy duties with the best of firefighting liquids and foam component properties during the compilation services of climate conditions.

Technical Details

  • Light metal body,
  • Flow stub with adjustable flow rate,
  • Electrically adjustable throw rate,
  • Remote controller and available manual operation for possible electricity cuts,
  • GRP cover design,
  • Spot lights,
  • Fully electrical control unit,
  • Proportional DC Engine drivers,
  • Short circuit security system,
  • Protection system against freezing,
  • Automatic park and attack position,
  • Joystick: Proportioned Joystick – fast drive system,
  • Safety Class IP67,
  • Adjustable for Pressurized Air Foam System (CAFS),
  • Maximum operational pressure: up to 16 bars,
  • Full rotation via 24 VDC Planet drive engine,
  • Rotation: 165° left, 165° right / Vertical: –15° downwards, + 75° upwards.